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Atlanta – Little five point / The Vortex

I’ve had a thing about Atlanta for quite a while now, surfing every site about the place to figure out how it might be to live there, and as luck has it I know Brandon one of the School of Humans founders, his missus Trudy

Dabitch in a beret

It’s OK. You can tell me.

Be honest now, I have a thing for hats but I can’t seem to pull off the girly-classic beret, sequined or not. I can pull off ridiculous pillbox hats, oversized & 1960-fied newsboy caps, the trilby, the pork pie, the Selentino Kojak, the top hat,

Dabitch and Perle in the yard

This is for a mate of mine who said” Dabitch dahling, I never see you these days. All the pictures of that kid of yours. What the hell are YOU doing these days? What color is your hair now?” Well, I guess that’s what they

Dabitch & Perl på Skeppargatan i Stockholm

Lilla Perl-charmören

Perl är sötast, det är bara bara så! Jag struntar i om det är mina hormoner som talar jag är helt övertygad om att den här lilla battingen är sötast i heeeela världen. Kolla den där minen! Vi var på väg hem när mormor tog

Dabitch on Blogger

There can be only one Dabitch

Someone is going around trying to retrieve passwords from any and every “Dabitch” account out there. This has been a little annoying, since I get the emails, until it unearthed my long forgotten Blogger account that I signed up for in November 2k! Thanks, Dabitch-wannabe.

Welcome to planet earth, Perl

Perl 4010 gram 53 cm ren glädje, född den 18 Oktober klockan 20:42. …and yes, her onesie does read “hello world”. Spot the geek in training folks. Photo taken Oct 21.

Feeding the chickens

What I did this weekend.

In case anyone wonders why on earth I didn’t reply to emails at once as usual… It was because I was busy feeding the chickens, picking berries and digging up the potatoes. In the shot, the cock Carl-Oscar, Agda, Agneta, Kristina and me. Two other