Attention was both a glossy magazine, and content published online at Ekonominyheterna. They decided to put the "new media elites" on the cover of their glossy magazine and had four prominent web people decked out to the nines on the cover. Inside the list continued and included me, as the founder of Adland. Here is an archive of the online version.

When it comes to the subject of marketing, it is Åsk Wäppling who rules online. More known by the nickname "Dabitch" she runs the blog "Adland" which attracts thousands of marketing nerds all over the world.

Hilariously, the magazine managed a typo, both online and in print. They spelled Wäppling as Wättling.

Naturally, I took this opportunity to send them a request for correction and jokingly threatened to "burn this magazine" if they didn't issue one. This is a reference to National Lampoon cover "but this magazine of we'll shoot this dog."

They soon issued a correction, and it appeared in the next glossy issue of the magazine.