Friday Playlist: DaMuny

Friday Playlist: DaMuny

I guess I should warn you about two things. First, if you don’t like reggae/dub and women who rap faster than a speeding bullet, stay away from this playlist.
Second it is totally inspired by what is on top of my mind right now. Those who guess what I’m worrying about may donate to my beer-fund. And yes, there’s a cover in there, I can’t help myself.

That said, lets get down, shall we?

Since we love Edwin Starr, lets have him vs Donna Summer – Working Hard for Edwin by Matt Bland. What is she working hard for? Gee. Dunno.

I can’t get more obvious than this: I Need A Dollar – Karl M Remix

It’s M.I.A. and Paper Planes, but not as you’ve heard her, I think. This is the DFA Remix and it’s got a certain twang.

Easy Star All-Stars cover Pink Floyd’s Money as reggae / dub and The Alchemist Remixes it even more so.

Told you that I can’t help myself with the covers. Having a bong bubbling make the opening sound is my kind of humor.

She’s a Gold Digger Cuban S.O.S. Li, Green Papi, Rolex & Mayombe (Oriente Star Sound).

Aaaah, Beyonce. What would we do without you and your handy definitions? A Diva is a female version of a hustler. Okay then (Whatever Whatever Remix).

Red Cafe and Red Cafe featuring Fabolous. How faboo. Red Cafe and Red Cafe featuring Fabolous. How faboo.

Nicki Minaj is pink-wigged, hipshaking, asskicking fast and she sings “gimme the mun-mun-Muny” in a way that you can’t help but bop your head to. Don’t try and sing along, you sound nothing like her.

N.A.S.A. mix it up real good with Money featuring none other than the fantastic David Byrne, Chuck D, Ras Congo, Seu Jorge and Z-Trip. Ever seen the video where David Byrne interviews himself? That was the exact moment I swore my eternal love to that man. “Why the suit?” “I wanted my head to appear smaller, and the easiest way to do that was to make my body bigger.”

You might not know it from the get-go but Good As Gold starts up and — wait for it. Yes! The riff that everyone knows, because there was a time when MTV never stopped playing “Money for Nothing”, and I hated it then but it must have worn my resistance down because I love this. Dire Straits, you’re officially forgiven for stalking me every time I tuned into MTV in the 80s.

Lady N will tell you everything you need to know about Money, Speedy Gonzales style.

And yes, I know I already did this to you once, but I can’t help but love how Gramophonedzie vs Downlink took Peggy Lee’s “Why Don’t You Do Right” and turned it into a dubstep anthem: “Why Don’t You Travel on a Crippled Camel (Fito & Mikro Remix).” Someone even made an updated video of Peggy Lee to go with it. Get me some money money.

I you prefer to open the playlist in a new window knock yourselves out here.

This was a music post for The Advertising Week social club

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