The Friday Playlist: Cover Me

The most common rejection of your ad idea is probably “too celebral”. The second most common rejection-reason is: “It’s been done”

The Friday Playlist: Cover Me

The most common rejection of your ad idea is probably “too celebral”. The second most common rejection-reason is: “It’s been done”

Oh yeah? Well, here’s a little study in doing something that’s been done again, and making it sound fresh.

Back in the 80s, when everything suddenly seemed sampled and my mind had been blown by Herbie Hancock going all robot on us with “Rockit” (and the robots then appeared in this Pretty Polly advert…) I was trying to help my older, way cool, brother with ideas for samples he could use with his band. As I poured the tub for my bath that night I shrieked; “Bath water! Sample filling a tub!” thinking I had just solved everything for him and might even get a mention on his upcoming album cover.

“Bah”, he replied, “The GO-GO’s already did that.”

Clearly, I needed to catch up, as soon as I got the chance I snuck into his room and listened to every album he had, leaving scratches in all of them if you ask him, who banned me from his room forever. The one Go-Go’s song that stuck with me was Our Lips Are Sealed which seemed to be my mother’s constant advice of ignoring my tormentors at school by ignoring them. It still resonates, and works quite well in Fredo Viola‘s version, including purring cat at the start. A purring cat!

I should’ve suggested that. Drats.

Via Tnia takes on Nina Simone – the goddess who gave us “Mississippi Goddam” – which is a very brave move. Her interpretation of ‘misunderstood’ brings it back to being about love, rather than the Civil Rights movement people assumed it was about when Nina sang it — adding the rhythmic drums as if they’re the beating
heart of nerves. The Animals have done a version as well, but having belted out The House of the Rising Sun about a gazillion times in music class rehearsals, I’ve grown a little allergic to them as a band.

I broke out in hives just typing that link.

Parisian group Mondrian add a banjo and the smattering of a washboard to Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good” and it makes complete sense.

It’s been ten years since the world lost Aaliyah who sang “Somebody” and already had three albums to her name at the tender age of 22. Gossip covers it, and lead singer Beth Ditto adds even more pining for secret sex in her voice to the lyrics. She is naughty naughty.

Everyone worth their salt has tried to do a cover of “Tainted Love,” the song where the Soft Cell version everyone recalls is actually a cover of the original by performed by Gloria Jones back in the Mad Men era. My Brightest Diamond give it
violins, guitars, and drum up the air-fist-pumping moment we all can’t help but do when she sings: “I’ve got to [fist-pump] run away…”. Yes the fist-pump even Marilyn Manson did but let’s just ignore that.

I always loved “These Boots Are Made for Walking,” and have been known to dance like the ladies behind Nancy in this video when I was a wee lass trying to be cool, but one line always bugged me. “I just found me a brand new box of matches, and what he knows you ain’t got time to learn.” Nancy can only leave a guy via another guy. Wuss.

We need some Bossanova-ish Blondie now – with “Call Me” done by Skye.

“Guns of Brixton’s Underworld” – covered by Apollo Zero. When they kick in your front door, how you gonna come?

Kovak covers “Atomic” and it sounds even more so.

Trash Yourself with the Toxic Avenger covers “Song2″ by Blur. It’s gritty.

Klaxons do “No Diggety” and I dig it.

Now we’re getting complicated, and NSFW lyric-wise. “Lollibon” is what Simon Iddol got when he remixed MaDison’s cover of Lil’ Wayne’s “Lollipop” with Daleduro. It’s nothing like the original.

Ever heard Fat Boy Slim’s “Praise You” played with a flute and a harmonica? Now you have as SSG from Smokey Carrot Records turn it on and up.

Fancy opening the playlist in a new window? Use this link

This post was written for The Advertising week social club blog.

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