Friday Playlist: Real Old Skool
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Friday Playlist: Real Old Skool


It’s Friday Playlist time! Here’s one that might even please that guy in the office who claims he only listens to classical music. There’s one in every office, so set this on speakers and play it loud. First one to call out the original song wins a beer at the pub tonight.

At first I thought I’d just feed you a few choice covers, I have a thing for covers. I once played a 4 hour set of covers with my baby girl wobble-dancing at my feet at a beach club. Then I figured I needed a rule, so how about only covers of modern songs, with classical instruments? I rejected The Deep Blue Orchestra ”Misirlou” because while that’s entertaining it has awful drums. This is what I dug up for you, 12 songs, one is not a cover. Spot which one (or cheat by reading below the playlist).

All you need in Finland is Vodka and Heavy Metal Rock. Of course they’d birth a cello rock band like Apocalyptica who covers Metallica.

Now meet the Balanescu Quartet, their arrangement of Kraftwerk’s “Computer Love” is sublime. Investing in this album if you haven’t already is a good idea, you’ll never tire of it.

When DJ-ing covers I like to throw off people by adding an original they might not have heard, like Linda Lyndell belting out “What a Man”, or Big Mama Thornton’s “Hound Dog.

This time my joker in the set is Music For A Found Harmonium by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Someone should cover that in a totally different musical style. Like make it a samba.

Sulic & Hauser almost set fire to their cellos when they do Smooth Criminal, just watch the video, one half expects them to tears off their shirts and kiss at some point.

Vitamin String Quartet interpret Are You Gonna Be My Girl and I’m sure the Aussie rock Band Jet approves.

Maxence Cyrin goes Around The World with her piano, it’s my favorite Daft Punk song and now my favorite piano piece.

Turtle Island String Quartet take us to the Crossroads and Robert Johnson would fit right in here, but the rule was classical today, not blues.

Penguin Cafe Orchestra cover the Johnny Smith’s “Walk Don’t Run.

Once more with The Balanescu Quartet, because “Model” with strings is epic.

Secret Cello Society do “Runaway,” which was originally a Kanye West song.

Another Daft Punk cover, Tom Hodge does “Aerodynamic.” This is brilliant.

The Entertainers: Andrej Kurti, violin & Viktor Uzur, cello cover “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and yes it’s entertaining.

Also the end.

Hope you enjoyed, if you want to open this in another window — by all means, have at it.

This post was written for The Advertising Week social Club.