Newsdirekt in Denmark celebrated when we passed 35,000 members. You can find the article in the waybackmachine here.

The world's largest online community of advertisers,, has around 35,000 members. The site is managed by Swede Åsk Wäppling from Copenhagen, and it has always been her goal to keep the community funded by membership and not advertising. It has succeeded. has become the preferred virtual venue for advertisers worldwide. The archives contain more than 17,000 commercials, extensive news channels, forums and networking opportunities. 13 million people use the site in their work and leisure. More and more people come daily.

It is free to register as a user, but if you want unlimited access to all commercials, it costs two euros a month, says Åsk Wäppling, who from the center of Copenhagen spends most of his time servicing users and maintaining the servers.

“You just donate for the time you use the system. All revenue goes to the vast amounts of bandwidth, development and hardware. It works, and I think the many advertisers who populate the site appreciate an "advertising-free" breathing hole, "says Åsk Wäppling, who started the site in 1996 in San Francisco.

One of the big hits on the site is the complete archive of commercials for the American Super Bowl of the past 30 years. It does not exist anywhere else and attracts millions of users during the main season.

The many committed users are responsible for keeping a large news flow going. In this way, has become a widely used alternative to the traditional industry media available internationally for the advertising and marketing industry.