Perle's room - the little enchanted forest is soon complete
perla wallpaper renovation

Perle's room - the little enchanted forest is soon complete


It's not quite done yet but since it is a little less messy than usual, I decided to take some pictures. I knew from when I was three months pregnant that my child's room would be 1) fun, 2) green, 3) a forest. I loved forests when I was a kid and had a much darker theme in mind, but as Perle gets to pick a lot of her own things it's still green, only slightly more romantic flowery than forest.

her turtle lamp behind the pink cherry blossom bamboo curtains

Behind the bamboo pink cherry-blossom curtain hides her Tiffany-style turtle which we bought together when she was three months old. The bamboo curtains are a sale-find from Indiska, two for the price of one at 50% off. I waited months for that deal to happen.

Desk, bamboo curtains, chair

She has her desk by the window, with the chair that she helped decorate and hooks for her massive collection of purses hats and robes. Is that an orb in the shot? :)

Bed, teddy bear, wallpaper

Above her desk hangs a cabinet that my grandfather built for my mother, which I also had in my room when I was a little girl. In it are Maroccan camels, a pretty cat she got from her oldemor (grandfathers mother) and a tea set from Japan that I had as a kid. On top is her latest find, a really kitch porceline figurine of dancing deers in awesome pastels. We actually found it in the yard when the container for large rubbish was here, it's a little chipped but too good to throw away just yet. The giant bear is her piggy-bank.

Doll, shelf

In her bed her "transitional item" the giant red rabbit sleeps with her under cotton sheets with animal prints and a shiny white cover with golden deers embroidered on top which we found - oddly enough - in the trendy teen department of H&M on sale for 50 bucks (5 usd). Her nightlamp is a plastic elephant, though here it looks like a glowing ball.

my grandfather built this

She has a Jonas Bohlin zink shelf on the wall which I spraypainted 'the right yellow' to match my turntable back in -92 (yes, that was bad of me but I don't care) and underneath it another one for smaller books. Her seat here stores hundreds of small toys and the old doll is yet another flea market find.

On the magnetic bottom half of the wall, there are butterfly magnets pollinating the wallpaper roses. She rearranges their position every so often.

Kitty inspection

I wallpapered and lacquered an old Ikea cabinet to use as her closet, and to prevent any picky kids (I'm looking at you Perle...) from ripping the paper off I laced the edges.