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15 kroner for 10,000 commercials

A Danish ad freelancer is behind one website that offers industry professionals access to 10,000 commercials for two dollars a month.

Danish ad freelancer Åsk Wäppling is behind the website, which has collected over 10,000 commercial films on a non-profit basis. All she needs is two dollars a month to cover running expenses. Anyone who signs up for the site will have the opportunity to participate in the design of the site.

  • Ad-rag should be a playground for anyone who works with advertising. People want to see these movies, especially those from other countries. I was even annoyed that there was no such site easily accessible, so I made one myself, says Åsk Wäppling to Swedish

The oldest films on the site are from 1958, but the selection is the largest from 1979 until today. Every day, between 10 and 15 films are posted.

Ad-rag started as a community site in 1996. But the commercials came on the scene only in 2000. Today the site has 12,000 members. Of these, 3,000 paid their two dollars to gain free access to the commercials for a month. Each month, the site has about 50,000 unique visitors.

Ad-rag charges two dollars a month to avoid having a banner.