A site called Reclaim the Internet was the first out to report that "World’s largest and oldest commercial archive Adland taken offline after questionable DMCA claim" (archive link)

They continue; Adland had been online for 23 years and often hosted ads that had been banned or censored elsewhere.

Adland, the biggest commercial archive in the world, has been shut down after its host Vultr responded to a questionable Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) claim by telling Adland to remove its domain from the network within 24 hours.

Adland had been online since 1996 and was home to many notable archived commercial collections including its “47 years of Super Bowl Commercials.” It was also known for hosting ads and commercials that were banned or censored elsewhere. However, it’s long history and reputation as a commercial archive didn’t stop it being taken down via DMCA.

The DMCA is often criticized for giving publishers very little flexibility when responding to claims and requiring them to take content down before they can check if it’s actually infringing. Public interest lawyer Avani Singh says that the DMCA process poses a risk “both to free speech and procedural fairness.”