Resume about Adland: "Ad writer accuses Nike of plagiarism"

Resumé Magazine, the "Campaign" of Sweden if you will, found Kidsleepy's rant about Nike's "Dream Crazy" campaign and reported on the similarity to "Think Different".

"The Cannes Lion-winning campaign is accused of being a stolen idea" they write and continue; 

In a reflective op-ed after the Cannes Lions, he criticizes Nike's campaign by focusing his attention on the campaign "Think different / Here's to the crazy ones" that TBWA / Chiat / Day brought to Apple in 1997 with several famous historical personalities such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi.

Kidsleepy concludes his op-ed by asking whether the jury actually knows their advertising history, which you can read in full here: Is Cannes festival of creativity really awarding best creative?



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