When I wasn't busy chasing down interviews (this is surprisingly hard when press conferences move about randomly and jury members aren't let out for lunch on time) I was checking out the work, walking out of the Zuckerberg (a.k.a the most visited seminar ever!) in Cannes as Mark dodged every question and I have no patience at all in non-airconditioned venues, and bumping into people I've known over the web for years practically everywhere. In a word, I had fun. I also acted as moral support / random interjector when Adverve did an interview with JoeLaPompe, as I hung out with Angela Natividad quite a lot in Cannes as evident in her wrapup of the week. Checking the award exhibition with Joelapompe was like having two two-hundred-year-old people walk around stating "seen it" about almost everything, including one piece of student work, that I couldn't bring myself to photograph, because I was too exhausted to even bother digging for my camera. (The visual was a waterbottle-shape made from a sheet of bubble-wrap. Seen it, can't be bothered digging up where.)

I tweeted a lot of naps to DavidonDemand whom I actually avoided for fear of being all over teh intarwebs - he he. Adverve had a chat with him as well, check it out here.