Sunshine Rabbits rockin’ out to “The colour of the fur” – Sunday september 7 in a pool in Höllviken. The email inviting us was pretty straightforward: “Get dressed up in gear that you may swim in. Crazy shit. Bear suits! Platform shoes!” So we did, and there was silver platform shoes represented, as well as neon pink underwear and day-glo orange nailpolish, eighties sunglasses, two-toned suits made from two suits, potato sack-outfits, glittering blue turbans and men in dresses.
On the count of three, we all had to hop into the pool and rock out. Which we did. High energy hop-hop-hop bunnies! Raah! Holy cow, it was actually quite cold.
I even got Perle – decked out in her fave Hello Kitty suit of course – to join in for a bit. Our over-energetic splashing will end up in the video for Sunshine Rabbits – but don’t count on seeing me much, I got way to into it and kept twirling around with my back to the camera. ?
After everyone was out, I stayed in the cold water to swirl my wee princess around in a giant swan. She dug that. I think she’s contemplating world domination here.The video can be seen on Adland: Sunshine rabbits - The color of the fur.