"K-fed tog hem årets superbowl", Martin Jönsson talks about the super bowl ads in Svenska Dagbladet and reminds everyone that Adland has them all. (archive link, web archive 2007)

Some articles about the Super Bowl commercial from the night's news feed:

Advertising Age: see all the movies - and watch a seven minute movie with reviews by all of Bob Garfield.
Vote for the best contributions from the Wall Street Journal, which considers this year's set of Superbowl commercials to be unusually weak.
The New York Times about the violence trends in advertising and its possible link to the war in Iraq (?).
Directly, quarter by quarter, on Adland. Also check out Adland's amazing archive of 35 years of Superbowl movies.

Who likes water? Opinions are falling apart, but Nationwide advertising with Kevin K-Fed Federline at least tops the list of this year's snack ice cream.
And by the way: the Indianapolis Colts won, as expected. On the field, that is.