The Friday Playlist: It’s All About Love

Welcome dear friends and social club members to another Friday. Lovely Friday.

The Friday Playlist: It’s All About Love

Love around the world.

Welcome dear friends and social club members to another Friday. Lovely Friday.
They’re largely symbolic as the signal of the end of the weeks these days when
we’re always going in to the office on the weekend anyway, but still, Fridays
mean after work drinks, going out for dinners, or a nice treat at home watching
an animated movie with the kids depending on where you are in life.

Some Fridays end busy jacked-up weeks and what Dr DJ orders is a chillout
session, take two and call me in the morning. This week I will funk you
 and jazz you down. Lean back, sort those timesheets in order and

Edwin Starr might have walked twenty five miles to see his girl, a song that has
been edited to every walking scene in Hollywood’s recent memory by the way, but with this dL edit he’s just Easin’ it.

Now you’re cool like dat, just like the Rebirth Of Slick. When we’re not
chillin’, or being cool, we’re all about love. Nadeah is searching for hers,
when she’s not deep sea diving: “He must love me, and need me, and never deceive me and make my day every single day”. Even “Ah Ndiya” means “Oh my love” and is the monster hit from Oumou Sangaré, the Songbird of Wassoulou, a Malian singer.

Oum has a voice most French jazzfans know well, she’s a Moroccan singer who
started her career at an early age and spent many years recording in France,
this is from her recent album Lik’Oum where jazz meets soul and African music in
a spicy mix. She can’t stop loving, and I love her right back for it.

Will I Touch Your Back? What happens when Katherine Ellis is the voice on Amy
Winehouse’s Back To Black interspaced with Bros? Weird magic.

Not all Love works out, as Rox tells us “My Baby Left Me”, but she won’t
crumble. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings say it takes 100 days and 100 nights to
really know a man.

Brother Ali welcomes us to the United Snakes, his take on Uncle Sam Goddamn, and the song that Verizon hates. See, they don’t make them like they used to, The O Liffey Family sends props to all the hip-hop stars and labels of yesteryear. Now
I need a cover, because I’m burning inside like Prince once said, but
it sounds quite different when Gretchen Phillips sings it.

Nobody knows more about hurtin’ love than the boys from Jersey, lets hear Frankie Valli Beggin’ in Pilooski’s edit. It’ll pep you up enough to finish
off those timesheets and go hug someone who is important to you.

If you wish to open the playlist alone in another window, use this URL here.

This musc post was written for Advertising Week's Social Club.

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