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Website as hidden service: how do?

Was talking to a pal about ssh as hidden service. “It’s simple” he said, and practically dared me to do it. But I didn’t really want ssh, I thought lets do http instead because Adland. Oh okay. So you want to try it too? Lets

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Permission denied (publickey) on AWS instance Ubuntu

So, you were minding your own business chmodding things left and right while logged in to your Ubuntu instance the other day, and now a few days later you get the Permission denied (publickey) response when you try to log in. Even if you do

Lille Vega Bar - Carlsberg

Carlsberg Artisan beer project

Carlsberg Brewery doesn’t just make their world-famous lager. They make ales, bocks and other craft beers. Each beer is treated as a work of art. At VEGA, the largest nightclub in Denmark with different venues and bars inside, The Beer As Art event was launched.

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Adland – the neverending project

Adland is my neverending project, that serves both as an outlet for my need to talk about advertising 24/7 and a beast that teaches this old dog new tricks. I don’t just write and curate adland, I conceived of it and built it, both hard and

wall tattoo

The Turkmen rug wall tattoo – Radostar

When I found out that I was one of the chosen winners by Rado to join an exhibition in Milan at the Zona Tortona design festival together with the other chosen artists and designers Benjamin Claessen, Lee Walsh, Claire Hartigan and Elvis Tomljenovic, I was so

The Cosmonaut, completed

The Cosmonaut – painting Yuri Gagarin

I paint walls. In this case I decided to paint a portrait of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin using only green horizontal stripes. The stripes echoed the lines and discord seen in the television images of Yuri Gagarain when he became the first man in space the

First spread

Project 10 – May issue

I was quite happy to help when Steve Price of PlanBStudio asked for a bit to be published in Project10 Newspaper (May issue), and naturally went straight to telling a disembodied head joke with images from advertising.


Dabitch and Perl’s vacation in Orlando

Yes! It’s time for me to TORTURE y’all with my answer to: So, how was your vacation in Orlando? But instead of looking at slides, you get a little video starring miss playful. I was using Perl’s camera (when she’d let me), and discovered one