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Project 10 – May issue

I was quite happy to help when Steve Price of PlanBStudio asked for a bit to be published in Project10 Newspaper (May issue), and naturally went straight to telling a disembodied head joke with images from advertising.

Perl som Lucia vid vår fina julgran

Nu är det jul igen! Perl som lucia

Efter att vi införskaffat en fin gran från Östermalmstorg som jag snällt fick släpa hem medan Mormor och Perl fnissade åt mitt ojande var det dags att dekorera. Jag var helt slut, eftersom det var ju jag som hämtat upp allt från källaren… Så Perl

50 years ago today, Yuri Gagarin went into space

50 years ago today, the cosmonaut painted on my wall made his first orbit. Why the world still remembers its first spaceman Every nation has its own glorious anniversaries to celebrate, but few are shared by the whole world. The anniversary of manned spaceflight, April

Adland pranks Starbucks, and they prank me right back.

….”Ok, you are hereby dubbed to the copyqueen of this project while I go sort something green to wear.” were the last words between me and Jane Goldman a.k.a caffeinegoddess, as I stayed up late to sort out a Starbucksfied theme for Adland, knowing that

How was Cannes?

In a word: Bizarre. Suddenly I’m meeting journalists all over the place, journalists who for whatever strange reason know who I am. Why? What? Really? Posing here with the editor of CB news Benjamin and AOL’s free ice-cream (aol are in the ice-cream buisiness now

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Facebook – you are not the customer. You are the product.

It’s no secret that I really dislike Facebook. It’s not their constant sudden changes to the API or the UI or their privacy policy that spurred my dislike. Heck, its not even the whole “backed by the CIA” creepyness. It’s the uselessness of pals who

Dabitch and Perl’s vacation in Orlando

Yes! It’s time for me to TORTURE y’all with my answer to: So, how was your vacation in Orlando? But instead of looking at slides, you get a little video starring miss playful. I was using Perl’s camera (when she’d let me), and discovered one