Boeing down in flames

Got up, sipped coffee, casually scrolled Twitter while figuring out what to wear, when the video of a Boeing in flames caught my eye

Boeing down in flames

Got up, sipped coffee, casually scrolled Twitter while figuring out what to wear, when the video of a Boeing in flames caught my eye.


"Aha!" I thought, "I shall wear my Boeing shirt!" A very long time ago, when I lived in Amsterdam I befriended an American artist who was living there. His dad worked for Boeing. "That is soooo cool!" I said to him, in earnest, "it's my favorite logo, I would love to have that on a shirt!"
"Really?" he said, quite surprised that someone was so geeked out about a logo, "I'll tell dad to get you one." And that was how I was gifted a gen-u-iiine Boeing shirt, the real dealio, the classic logo, and I wore it beaming with pride. For some daft reason I still believe I have this shirt. Alas, I do not.

So I made a new one. With an updated logo. You can wear it too.

I tried to get "Gumroad" working today, because I was a momentary idiot and thought it was alright to use a third party. It's really never okay. I should really buy a house and some land to grow my own food, because as simple as it is to just leave stuff to other people and companies, they will pretty much always fail you when you need them. Like Gumroad did to me, today. The "temporary code" they sent never arrived, so I could not login. Instead I threw my hands in the air and installed a fresh version of Prestashop to connect to my printful where I print my shirts.

So you can buy that shirt right here, right now in my little if you'd like. :) I bought some for myself. (edit - I moved servers and killed that shop)

Now as it turns out there are a lot of things that are no longer compatible with one another. Prestashop and Printful are some of those things, so here are a few notes in case someone finds this. Get Prestashop 1-7-7-3 at a minimum, it'll give you no issues when you install it and use it with php-7.3. You'll find that the Prestashop module has had some updates 6 months ago (which broke my setup), but not much else in the activity and discussion side at Github, where many people are lost and looking for answers. In my search for a fix even ran into a note I accidentally left for myself in August 2021 battling this exact issue.

From that I sussed out what the problem was. So I began from scratch with the above mentioned variants, and I edited the "printful.php" page in the printful module before I uploaded the .zip to read like this starting at line 83:

       $this->ps_versions_compliancy = [
            'min' => '1.6.1',
            'max' => '1.7.7',

Yep, I'm essentially just lying to the module about it being compatible with Prestashop 1.7.7 - and it works.

Oh, and a funny thing about Gumroad, turns out I've blocked their entire domain because they send out spammy messages all day long which are impossible to unsubscribe from, so I accidentally locked myself out - not realizing they would eventually move to "we email you a security code" even if I log in with my Twitter or my Stripe. Good riddance.

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