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Atlanta – Little five point / The Vortex

I’ve had a thing about Atlanta for quite a while now, surfing every site about the place to figure out how it might be to live there, and as luck has it I know Brandon one of the School of Humans founders, his missus Trudy and their adorable baby girl @carysbarr who treated me to lunch in little five point during my long Atlanta layover. The hood was exactly as I had pictured it, but with better vintage stores (I almost scored an Elvira-dress, the only thing that stopped me was my sensible side knowing that I seldom get to prance around all decked out in rhinestone-covered gala dresses), and now I’m totally sold on the place and want to live there. I even got to peek at Brandon’s house which is adorable and has a pink flamingo in the garden, how awesome is that? Now that Perle has learned to eat american food (on our Boston trip she basically survived on fruit alone), even she agrees: “Lets move here, it’s summer all the time!”

Åsk and Perl outside of the Vortex, Atlanta, Georgia

I wish I had stayed longer actually, the south has a special place in my heart and Georgia works for me.

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