The ascii log is dead, long live the ascii log

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I loved the way the ascii log looked – totally illegible to most people… hehe – so I put this off for ages.

But now, with my dabitch hangout attracting thousands of spammers who keep poking at everything I just can’t leave the mess up anymore. There was no protection against that sort of thing in ye old Perl script blog.

So, I moved some posts here and this will be the now increasingly misnamed ascii log instead. 😉 So everything dabitch can be found in one place. I used to like keeping the log and viruses away from the portfolio, but now I reckon what the hey.

The ascii log is dead. Long live the ascii log.

On the upside, now I don’t have to fix that ascii log RSS feed bug. 😉 YAY!

Dabitch Ascii Blog

Dabitch Ascii Blog

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