acme on the operating table
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acme on the operating table


where did it begin? acme complained and then acme the drama queen machine managed one of the worst crashes ever. disk two completly dead. disk one limping to its own slow demise as it could no longer rotate at proper speed. ram busted. fan busted. floppy drive busted. the busted etc/passwd taunting me. the single mode trick not working. the bad blocks spreading. I barely knew where to start. I took acme home in a cab that evening.

I needed more hardware. just the little bits so I borrowed Jake's lovely IBM keyboard, which makes that great keyboard sound with its giant keys, and his old puter. I dissected acme.
Got to work. One bad luck piece chain reacted after another. a smaller problem became bigger, and bigger. make a boot disk. pretty simple step. thats when the floppydrive dies. so i borrow a floppy drive. then i make a boot disk. then I need to train out to a warehouse to get another harddisk. at every turn a new problem. just constant bad luck. Is acme cursed?

it took way too long. thats all I have to say about it.
and i now need to replace;
        jake's motherboard
        jake's screencard
        .: one busted IBM 32 gig disk
        .: one busted fujitsu 6 gig disk
        .: two REG ECC DRAM
        .: CPU fan

or the whole damn machine whichever comes first. ;-) anyway - this ain't working.

I can't allow for that much downtime ever again.
bugger. this run and buy new things constantly is getting costly........ Spending this long on the phone to various hardware people who would replace it under warranty is getting ridiculous. I want a cheaper lease - i cant belive they dont replace broken hardware when im actually leasing! i want 12 hr response time on hardware faults. I want something better than this. much much better. throw in a videocard for good measure.

dear freelance god, give mama a job so she can buy herself a new machine. ;-)