Adland calls out Ad Age on Twitter over 'sexism' in the industry
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Adland calls out Ad Age on Twitter over 'sexism' in the industry


Growing increasingly frustrated over the tradepress using the trademarked term 'adland' carelessly in headlines, making it seem as if the article was about my site adland, I called them out on Twitter in 2016 which resulted in the article: Adland calls out Ad Age on Twitter over 'sexism' in the industry (see archived version here). I have emailed the editors directly, public shaming seems to work better. 

Tensions between two of the advertising industry’s leading news publications, Adland and Advertising Age, were made public after an open Twitter dispute.


Website Adland, which archives commercials, called out Ad Age for an article titled ‘What It's Like to Be a Woman in Adland: Stories of Sexism in the Office’.

The piece recounts true stories from prominent women in the business who have experienced serious sexism within the industry from high level executives.

While Ad Age appears to be referencing the advertising industry and not Adland itself, the use of the title could be mistaken as insinuating that the website Adland was indeed sexist.

This a public request, please stop using our trademark in headlines like that @adage Cheers ever so much

— adland ® (@adland) March 21, 2016

Ad Age did not respond on Twitter, which led to Adland voicing its grievances in regards to how the advertising news site was treating an industry news source headed by a woman.

How will we ever end the reign of men when you can't even give a 20 year veteran the time of day? @doritosyndrome@christut8@adage — adland ® (@adland) March 21, 2016

Åsk Wäppling (pictured) founded Adland in 1996, and the site has gone on to become the largest archive of commercials in the world.