David Burn did a proper interview here: "Åsk Wäppling’s Adland Torpedoed By “Nuisance DMCA” asking the questions that many others also wondered about, so I was happy to get to answer these publically. 

Q. Can you explain the need to host the videos on your site versus using an embed from Vimeo or YouTube?

At YouTube and Vimeo I would be DMCA’d exactly in this fashion, and it would have happened a lot sooner. You have to remember that I hosted video for many many years before YouTube was even conceived of. The permission that I got to host these ads was granted to me, to be hosted on Adland, not YouTube. I’m literally honoring the agreements made then. Back in 2003. This takedown request stems from an article about an ad 17 years ago. YouTube only came to the market 14 years ago. The fact that people are asking me to move to the second comer gets a little insulting at times. Why, instead, wasn’t I showered with VC funding money like they were? Hmmm. What could be the differentiating factor, between me and the lads who were geeking out with equally lofty ideas of the future? Let me know when you figure out the answer.

Was it because I respected copyright and sought permission for each ad that I put up, in stark contrast to what they did? You know they filled YouTube with stolen content to make it as big as it is. That was what all those lawsuits were about. And there I was, asking for permission like some well brought up, polite, little girl. Which, in fact, I am, despite the impression people might get from my name.