Friday Playlist: “Walk It Off” (advertising week)
These are my knuckle buster shoes.
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Friday Playlist: “Walk It Off” (advertising week)


OMG! It’s Friday again! I can’t stand it! I haven’t had any fun at all this
week! In fact, this week was painful, my scooter has been sold, so I’ve had to bid adieu to a ten-inch-wheel friend.


Quick! Let's fix that by turning on some music that has pelvis-bone-vibrating bass pulsating through it. Because it makes me tingle. Read as much as you want into that, you know you need it too. Music, people, sheesh.

My plan is to make you do the John Travolta strut all the way home (or the nearest after work bar) tonight. Because, yes, I’m walking too. We’re all walking. But we look cool doing it.

Let's start our Friday strut with Ruby Rider by the aptly named boombass.


It’s not blues, it’s not electro-techno-stuffs, it’s all of the above. If your feet aren’t kicking the imaginary bass drum after a few bars, you need to have more coffee.

Now let’s turn on Robot Michael Jackson, the way Tek Step does the bass when he remixes Billy Jean makes me want to dance on the speakers.

More crunchy noise in Open letter to NY (Wizestar remix) / Beastie Boys. This will be my soundtrack when I arrive in New York for Advertising Week.

Now lets slow down, Don’t Mean To Be Rude Feat. Zaki Ibrahim makes me
tap my feet as Spoek Mathambo knows exactly what buttons to push. I’ve carried a torch for him ever since I saw Spoek Mathambo’s cover of “Control”let's, he even retweeted me making my day, so let's add extra doses of Spoek to the playlist so that I can be the ass shaking video hoochie like he is in Gnucci Banana – Famalam Jam.

Walk It Out – Trizz, remixed by A-Trak. Because this is about the shuffle, the
walk, the strut, remember?

Oh yes, ladies too, Crank Dat Kitty Kat with a bit of steel drum hum hum hum, from Kitty Kat who knows how to crank it.

You’d think with me bouncing around town like this I might be on that other
Columbian export, but no. Still, Charlie (feat. Spoek Mathambo) fits
quite nicely here.

Now I wanna know, Whooz Da Baddest ?! (cue everyone throwing their hands in the air like they just don’t care yelling beck “I’m the baddest!”). The Cheerz are the baddest, and this brings me to Les Gourmets Tout doit Disparaitre remixed by Wizestar. Everything must go!. You too!

Go go, walk to the after work pub, your date, your house, to the park, just go
strut your stuff. Word to the wise: If you see me comin’, better step aside…

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