"Can media make it on the darkside?"
press adland "Can media make it on the darkside?"

Can media make it on the darkside?" asks a headlne at Independent (Ireland) that looks at media that venture out on the Dark web, and why they do. (archive link

Adland is the other website to go over to the dark side. It's a site dedicated to showcasing advertising creativity. Founder Åsk Wäppling told Drum Magazine that the decision to set up on the dark net was based on an increase in the number of visitors to her site using ad-blocking software.

She believes that privacy is now a pressing issue for her audience; they don't just want to block the ads, they want to block the data that's being gathered on them. Yes, you're right: it's more than a touch ironic that the audience for an advertising site is turned off by the ads and ad-tech on the standard version of the site.