...."Ok, you are hereby dubbed to the copyqueen of this project while I go sort something green to wear." were the last words between me and Jane Goldman a.k.a caffeinegoddess, as I stayed up late to sort out a Starbucksfied theme for Adland, knowing that she'd deliver the perfect press release to cement the prank. It was even said on a public Facebook wall. Man, we're like so discreet people.

In the middle of the night here (ie; after midnight! So it was April 1) the release went up: Adland joins Starbucks Digital Network, while the site turned green and coffee-stained, and I went to get a few hours of shuteye.

I then spent the entire day receiving high-fives and happy congrats from dear friends, colleagues and PR-contacts, feeling increasingly guilty and having a very hard time keeping a straight face. Some who caught on decided to play the straight guy to my gag, and spread the news even further by tweeting large congrats! Thanks!