Someone put a tech-hex on me.

Someone put a tech-hex on me.

In what I will now always refer to as "the miracle of Cannes" story, I only explain that i lost my bag with iPhone, Macbook and dayplanner in it, while my other phone decided to die on me for a few days. There's more....

When I got up at 3 in the morning (no joke) to hit the 4:15 train to the airport in Copenhagen, I met two ticket-machines that hated me. The first one went all the way through the ticked-buying dealio, and then right as it printed the machine blinked, and displayed a red banner stating "machine out of order" (ie: without paper. The damn thing charged me). I put my emergency card in the other machine, which also let me go through the motions and the second I put my code in, it switched to a big red "not working screen". I ran to catch my train and met a sympathetic conductor who understood the iPhone images I showed her and let me ride along anyway. At the airport I checked in via machine that suddenly blinked "CONTACT DESK", and voila now I have to wait in like for 45 minutes just to say I couldn't get my little print-out for the luggage. Thanks machines. The boarding pass I got was lacking enough ink on one of the zeroes so I made it to the wrong gate (behind passport control) only to realize I shouldn't be in that area and couldn't get out. Once again, a sympathetic human let me out through the stewardesses door so I could (barely) make it in on my flight.

The funny thing is that this simply continued, if I borrowed someones tool or even went near anyone elses hardware it would die. Just ask Véronique who lent me her camera to film one of the interviews (she filmed it after I had touched it) and was now feeling bad because as she goes to empty it, there's literally nothing on the film. Ten minutes of... bits, and garbled noise.

Somehow this seems to be the best song for how I feel about machines right now.

No worries, I'm in control freak mode again, but dammit, I need extra hardware. LOTS OF SHINY HARDWARE! And battery-driven screwdriver set so I can pick shitty machines apart! I've been asking for this every birthday and christmas, but do I get any fun tools? No wait, I inherited my grandfathers toolbox, I have a brass hand-pumped blowtorch, I do have cool tools. Still, need that mini screwdriver thing (machines have small x-screws, membah?)

I also checked through security control at Nice airport on my way home wearing this t-shirt.

Pan Am Bomb

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