Vanishing tools - swallowed by a massive mouth

Sometimes running Adland® gives fun perks.

Vanishing tools - swallowed by a massive mouth
The incredibly tool-swallowing massive mouth

Sometimes running Adland® gives fun perks. Friday before the Superbowl I was sent a local ad just as I was about to clock off and try to weekend a little before getting up and working all Sunday. I checked the ad out and was genuinely happy for the team who managed to write a script and shoot a spot in just a few days with everyone on the team taking on several job roles. Local ads are nowhere near the budget of the nationals, so I don't hold them to the same standards, but they can be super weird and quirky like Dan-O's Seasoning or just fun underdog ads showing off your product's best features like the ToughBuilt - All Pros Welcome / Super Bowl Prep ad.

So I posted the ad asap and emailed back that I was genuinely impressed with the plucky team to pull that ad off, and that I thought the product was cool - mentioning in the post that my toolbox is literally a wooden box built by my great-grandfather. It's not exactly easy to drag around when renovating homes and building stuff, which I do for fun.

I honestly hope the entire team do a re-enactment of this ad, using Toughbuilt bags and gear to drag all the Super Bowl fixings to the top boss' house. And perhaps they just expanded the market for these gear-holders, soon we'll spy these bags at tailgate parties everywhere. I actually want one now, that 16" Massive Mouth bag looks hella useful. My toolbox is an actual giant wooden box built by my great grandfather.

It doesn't hurt that the Toughbuilt 16" bag looks like a giant Duracell battery. Instantly I received an email back asking what my address was and if I was serious about wanting a toolbag. I said yes, and then this darling arrived at my house!

The cats are inspecting the bag and my card

This gift is so appreciated too! I opened up my big box of tools that I have lying around here and managed to fit them all into this thing, everything was swallowed by by the massive mouth, including my sander!

My organizing skills aren't great, I know.

This is honestly really cool, now I can drag every tool I have around in one neat little bag! Easy access to all of my screwdrivers! Even the hammer fit in there no problemo! I promise I won't become a hardware influencer here, but as I actually use toolbags, I can honestly recommend this. The spot for the clip-on pouch is brilliant too, you can add a hammer holster, a bag for nails etc, a knife, or whatever it is you need to keep easy access to. It's bloody brilliant!

My tools! Yes, I have loads!

Good design shouldn't just be aesthetically pleasing, good design has to also be useful to the users of the object designed. This is a great example of good design.

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