Zeven uur kijkplezier

Zeven uur kijkplezier

Adformatie TamTam writes (in Dutch)

"For the seasoned enthusiast, Commercial Archive brings together as many television commercials as possible. This website now offers "seven full hours of viewing pleasure" with mainly American commercials. The commercials are arranged both alphabetically and by subject and can be viewed in streaming video or downloaded.

Commercial Archive is one of the advertising sites hosted by DaBitch. The same host is also responsible for Adland, a somewhat messy collection of advertising gossip, jokes and discussions."

omg omg omg

Only tangentially related - this is the week I just can't keep my mouth shut.

Apparently a nasty mail I sent off to Adformatie, has been printed ...

And now I worry that the ad I attacked might have been made by someone I know. Oooops.

It was a Yo Fresh ad, where the young urban Hip-Hop guy plays his hit song on the radio for his girlfriend "Yo Fresh - exiting" and when she asks where he might have gotten the inspiration from he replies: You baby - yo so fresh.

Now in the States a woman would have slapped him silly.
But this was an ad written by Dutch people, who couldn't have known that "fresh" is most of the time an insult. Make that all the time.

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