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    Wildposters for the book New Roman Times
    New Roman Times
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    Hijacking the bland office spaces around the world
    Absolut Adland Poster
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    I won a Rado star prize and a trip to Milan to exhibit my work
    in the Rado building with other artists and designers as they
    launched their new ceramic line designed by Jasper Morrison
    Rado Star Prize
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    Portrait of Yuri Gagarin


Hi, I'm a creative technologist

And you may ask yourself, what the heck is that? Where does that highway lead to? I studied at Parsons in New York and the Scool of Communication Arts in London. I've worked in advertising and tech since my first jobs at Ericsson and Drömfabriken, hopping between the then separated fields with ease. I help clients develop their brands, strategy, communication and develop their digital services. I also illustrate, do architectural design, interior design and art direction. I have hands-on experience in renovations, construction, app development, brand boutique interior designs and 360 campaigns.


Back in 2006, the University of Texas had a special creativity style blog, founded by David Wen, a Texas Creative senior.


"5 professional blogs" the headline reads, as IDG magazine rates the top five. Adland is one of them. 

"Adland is the worlds first advertising blog. It began as a website in 1996 and became a blog in 2000. A legendary community blog written in English which is run by the Swede Åsk Wäppling. If you want to watch commercials, you've found home."


Kristina Olsson writes:

"In Svenska Dagbladet, political editor P.J. Anders Linder has started the first 'management blog', and Swedish Åsk Wäppling runs the internet's largest blog about advertising Adland from Copenhagen, and has 30,000 visitors to the blog daily."


Det arrangeras seminarier om det och startas förbund för dem som praktiserar det. Det hetaste senaste är viral och "buzz" marknadsföring. 

Men vad är det man egentligen menar när man pratar om dessa nya påhitt, och är det så nytt egentligen?


"Det finns alldeles för mycket reklam!"

Krokusen blommar, solen skiner och vi strosar från tidningsbutiken till caféet runt hörnet, jag med en pinfärsk fet Wired under armen, kollegan med en hög andra tidningar.


En matta av mörker klev in i rummet. Det var studenten.



Dabitch.net is a small collection of my work and shop



Åsk Wäppling

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