I don't understand why people must rip adland's ads. Someone needs to explain this to me.




It's no secret that I really dislike Facebook. It's not their constant sudden changes to the API or the UI or their privacy policy that spurred my dislike. Heck, its not even the whole "backed by the CIA" creepyness. It's the uselessness of pals who think facebook is email. Holy cow people, if you can't use email, you're too stupid to be my friend. But hey, if you want other reasons to dislike facebook, I got them too. Facebook leaks IP addresses. Facebook reckon data portability is criminal, making it very clear that they own your data, not you.


I've had a thing about Atlanta for quite a while now, surfing every site about the place to figure out how it might be to live there, and as luck has it I know Brandon one of the

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