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    Wildposters for the book New Roman Times
    New Roman Times
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    Hijacking the bland office spaces around the world
    Absolut Adland Poster
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    I won a Rado star prize and a trip to Milan to exhibit my work
    in the Rado building with other artists and designers as they
    launched their new ceramic line designed by Jasper Morrison
    Rado Star Prize
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    Portrait of Yuri Gagarin


Hi, I'm a creative technologist

And you may ask yourself, what the heck is that? Where does that highway lead to? I studied at Parsons in New York and the Scool of Communication Arts in London. I've worked in advertising and tech since my first jobs at Ericsson and Drömfabriken, hopping between the then separated fields with ease. I help clients develop their brands, strategy, communication and develop their digital services. I also illustrate, do architectural design, interior design and art direction. I have hands-on experience in renovations, construction, app development, brand boutique interior designs and 360 campaigns.


It's so long ago now. I was working late in an otherwise quiet building, all alone in my little workspace, gardening in the commercial archive as the parties raged at the nighclubs in Amsterdam just a block away from me, and the SAG strike raged in California a day away from me.


While I was off busy celebrating "jul", episode 11 of the advercast went live. In it, we spoke about breeder bingo, salaries, bitchiness, sex and sexism and I've already summed up my thoughts here.


Have you seen Duval Guillaume's latest ad for Alfa Romeo yet? In it, they show a filmed story of how they lower a poster to the lowest point on earth (which it isn't by the way), to make a point about low prices. Oh, hardy-har, isn't that clever. No. It's a long way for a drink of water, and the only way it'll spread (as the agency hopes, I'm sure) is if the punters believe that they actually did this. Watch the film.


It's about five-six hours ago that we wrapped it up now, me Bill Green of Makethlogobigger and Angela Natividad Live and Uncensored recorded show 11 for AdVerve (@Adverve) where we talk about sexism in advertising. Sexist ads, and sexism at the workplace. I'm still kicking myself for yet again not managing to be ...what's the word, oh yeah, diplomatic. I know that whatever I said on this topic will probably return to bite me in the ass sooner rather than later, each word chosen should be carefully so, but I've never been that good at filtering between what my brain thinks and what my mouth says.


Det var när vi var på väg till Amsterdam som Thomas ryckte fram sin ifån och checkade in mitt på bron mellan Sverige och Danmark som jag smittades av Gowalla-feber. Snart var jag också igång och checkade in på Beurs van Berlage under Eurobest 2009, och när vi kom hem till Sverige var jag ju tvungen att hoppa in i kaninhålet till Kina. Alla coola hoppar ned där, trust me. ;)



Dabitch.net is a small collection of my work and shop



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