"Musical Baton"

"Musical Baton"

Aaaah, well it's as if people ganged up on me and decided to pass these things on while I Was off(line). Or perhaps it's a swift (and well deserved) kick in the butt to update this old thing? ;)

Gareth Kay from Brand New has passed me a musical baton that has come from interesting sources like Russel Davies and Dear Caff at Cup Of Java who also passed it onto other prominent ad and creative blogging types.

This leaves me with very few people to pass it onto, serves me right for entering the game late, but oh well here goes. ;)

Total volume of music on my computer:
0k. I literally just reformatted my hard drive. Ask again tomorrow. ;) Before the reformat there was at least 45 full albums on here. But I listen to music on physical media.

The last CD I bought
Hahahahahaha, I don't buy CD's. No seriously. Vinyl all the way baby. Last vinyl? Hard to tell, I consume many and buy in bulk when I feel rich dragging home several bags or boxes in one go. It might have been the Select Cuts from blood and fire, chapter three, or the Nag Nag Nag album,
or it might have been the Tom Tom Club album which I scored on an online auction for only 25 Danish Kronor. :)

Song playing right now: |
Boogie with canned heat: On the road again. (on a turntable, of course.)
Five songs I listen to a lot, or mean a lot to me:
That's not right - five songs I listen to a lot? When? This year? In my
life? Ok, let's do the latter.

"I wanna be Evil" by Eartha Kitt.

"I can't give you anything but Love baby", sung by Ella Fitzgerald in
Berlin on her 50th birthday, she does a great Louis Armstrong impression
in the song.

"Papa was a Rolling Stone" by the Temptations, was number one on the hitlist for six weeks in June/July 1972 when I was born, and my mother used to dance with me to the radio. When I got older I always had a strange deja-vu-like feeling when I heard the song before I finally figured out that it is indeed lodged deep in the baby part of my brain memory, and I love every note of it. I always will.

David Byrne's cover of "I wanna dance with somebody" is great. The first time that I heard it was at a concert in the Paradiso in Amsterdam. I was dancing front and middle at the stage, jumping up and down like the starstruck puppie I was.

Five people I'm passing this on to: Holy cow, I hafta pass this on? I don't
think I have five people to tag now that I just tagged a few, so I'll try
with Researcher (2), Mats "Klocklös" Andersson and Martin Utsikt från en etta i Ronneby that I recently had a few (alcohol-free) brews with at the Bloggforum 2.0 afterparty.

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