The ASCII log is dead, long live the ASCII log

The ASCII log is dead, long live the ASCII log
This is what the Ascii log looked like. A very simple blog structure, in Ascii only.

I loved the way the ASCII log looked - weird green monospaced font, illegable to most hehe - so I put this off for ages.
But now, with my little hangout attracting thousands of spammers who keep poking at everything, I just can't leave the mess up anymore.
So, I moved some posts here and this will be the now increasingly misnamed ASCII log instead. ;)
So everything can be found in one place. I used to like keeping the log and viruses away from the portfolio, but now I reckon what the hey. I'll just make this a website with regular updates, including portfolio pieces.

Which the ASCII log sort of is. This simple blogging site was written entirely in PERL which generated the look of it in ASCII characters only. No images. Commenting was open, and each post had a "related link" that was the main subject of the post.

In the beginning, there were comments.

The pithy lines to the right of my "fairly" ASCII logo changed at every reload. In the beginning, the ASCII log had both comments and a guestbook.

Eventually, comments were removed but the guestbook remained.

The ASCII log is dead. Long live the ASCII log!

On the upside, now I don't have to fix that ascii log RSS feed bug. ;) 

Placing this in my portfolio not for art direction, but for programming abilities.

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