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Viva Italia!

la nazionale italiana è troppo forte! Regole di Buffon. le loro maglie sono ancora meglio. Buffon è il miglior portiere e tutta la nazionale italiana è troppo forte – the man is like a really big cat with those reflexes!

dabitch on the phone

How many orange things can you see in the picture?

Is moving the images over here a better idea than having them in the ascii log? I think so, so I have now moved ’em all. So there! hehe. I can’t even stick to the strict concept of an ascii log. Had to stick pictures


Vad gjorde du i helgen? What did you do this weekend? I rearranged the tables and furniture. 😛 Wow, I didn’t realise the place could feel this big. The red telly is perfect black and white to watch late night news on, if it could

The invitation, laser cut charm on prayer beads.

Condor & Massive Music party Cannes – Religion

Each year Massive Music throws parties in Cannes during the advertising festival. Parties that have now become legend. Every detail needs to fit with the concept and in 1999 the concept was religion. Prayer bead necklaces were your only ticket in to the event, Ganesh

Absolut Adland

Absolut Adland

Adland ran this full page ad in the Brazilian advertising magazine “Ghost”, a showcase magazine of great creative work from around the world that had never been approved by the client. Hence the name “Ghos.t” Adland members could also download a printable PDF file of

Adland campaign

“A daily tribute to worlds second oldest profession”  – that sums up adland pretty much. The image of the lady offering her services in the window ran in Ghost magazine, but sideways in a spread so the reader had to turn the magazine as if

Rock Steady

Sound obsessed see was a web-portal to new music by new independent artists worldwide. One could listen to the music by streaming, and then create personal playlists of the favorite new artists found, which would then burn onto CD. For a slight bump in price, they’d

Posters Massive Music and Headlines

Condor & Massive music Politics Party

The Condor and Massive music parties in Cannes are the stuff of legend. In the year 2000 we felt that “politics” would be the key theme, and created an entire concept event around sleazy politics. There were balloons filled with 100% hot air. There were

Graffitti on non-permanent walls.

Marcel at Amsterdam tattooing

Marcel was a tattoo artist at Amsterdam Tattoo who wanted to be famous. In a world of single serving salt, coffee to go, memes that die as fast as they appear and throw away culture, to ink oneself is to commit oneself. To drive this