Here's a fun way to let the wee one help out in decorating. Dress items in bokmärken. I don't know what these lovely paper pictures of angels, animals and scenes from fairytales are called in English, but you can get them in any toy shop around here. The rules are - there are no rules! Just come prepared with hundreds of pictures and let the wee one stick them everywhere they please. We're going for the messy look!

Perle proudly displaying her works. We dressed her little strollcart and her chair. I dressed her cabinet behind her with leftover wallpaper.

For the cart, my mistakes were that I didn't prepare enough, I should have cut some bookmarks up before we began. She quickly got tres bored waiting for me to get my act together and we had to return later. Then when I went to lacquer it, I used an oil-based lacquer which gave it a bit of a yellow tint. Turned out ok anyway, actually kinda neat and antique, but not the look I was going for. The glue is normal wallpaper glue, so that she could use as much as she wanted really, and I could just brush it around with the wallpaper brush and then remove it with a wet cloth. Washes straight off hands, so that's no problem. Better than glue anyway - if adults were doing it I think a good glue would be less of a hassle since too much wallpaper glue makes the paper wobbly.

Another thing to learn is that babies use a lot of wallpaper glue and it's best to let it dry at least a day before going at it with lacquer - you can see the glue in small piles on the chair.

Still, not bad for a 16-month-old! ;)