Marcel @ Amsterdam Tattooing

Marcel @ Amsterdam Tattooing

Campaign for Marcel@Amsterdam tattooing:
At Least Tattoos are permanent.

Spray painted on walls.

Marcel wanted to be famous. He had inked famous people, he had inked large areas of bodies, he had inked his way across the world - yet this wasn't enough. Marcel wantd to ink even more.

In the world of throw-away culture and single serving salt, we pointed out that while trends may come and go, tattoos are more permanent than anything.

As the rain drizzled over Amsterdam in May, graffiti showed up everywhere, on containers, garbage cans, building sites, anywhere. The graffiti would only last a day or two before the rain washed it away.

The graffiti police nearly had heart attacks as anything decaying was sprayed with the red rain-away spray. Containers, construction sites, garbage cans, boards in front of torn down

Two weeks later - three executions of a poster campaign was plastered all across town. The images depicted non permanent things, and they were printed on heat sensitive paper.

The posters reacted to sun rather than rain. As the sun bleached the images away the only thing remaining was the line.
At least tattoos are permanent.

Marcel was pleased. So pleased he inked the Art Director and framed the Epica award in his tattoo-parlor, next to the flash art and various ink magazines' mention of the campaign.

After a week in the bright light, the images faded away, much like the things they depicted, leaving only the red tagline behind.

Not all marriages last
Ah! If only!
Even teeth will break down

These posters are on permanent exibition in Marcels tattoo shops in Amsterdam.

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