Soundscape Condor party Cannes 1999 - Religion
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Soundscape Condor party Cannes 1999 - Religion

the chillout zone

Soundscape and Condor Cannes party 1999 - Religion is opium.
Religion, faith and Gods frequent Cannes during each festival, so why not make them feel at home? At the plage du Galion we set up heaven on the beach and invited all faithful to join us.

The guards were dressed as guardian angels with white afro's, silver dresses and pink sunglasses. The faithful served with Holy water that would chase the hangovers away as they left. The drink tickets were edible oblates. The walls showed visuals of heaven and hell.

Party-Sluts 1999, Åsk Wäppling art/vj, Jan Dirk Bouw art, David Bell copy, Hans Brouwer music.

Condor's Buddah style banner

The posters depicted our leaders - Hans of Soundscape and Rob of Condor - the large posters hung outside the party palais entrance to lead believers down the right path. 3D illustrations by Koony at Condor.

Elephant god

Once the party got started, the magical guests appeared courtesy Nepco. You don't have to have delusions to dance with pink elephants.

Even Shiva graced us with an appearance and danced the night away.


As the guests got dizzier on Holy Water, strange entities kept appearing on the dance floor. Two silk kimono clad characters waltzed around until smoked started coming out of their ears.

They moved to the beach, and their heads exploded mid dance. (one of the heads even landed in the lap of someone in the chill-out zone). Motto: don't let your guests get too relaxed. ;-)

Exploding heads