Telia Minicall - Fishing trip [Swedish TV]

Telia Minicall - Fishing trip [Swedish TV]

agency: Drömfabriken Stockholm
copy CD: mikael malmborg artCD: Johan Jäger
"idéspruta": Åsk Wäppling (skrev kampanjen)

This campaign is actually how I got hired at Drömfabriken.
As by lucky coincidence it was the very same brief that Malmborg was working on when I arrived with this concept sketched up in my backpack.

The similarities of our campaigns was eerie - though my tagline was much longer "med telia minicall blir du nådd, inte störd" or something like that. Crazy huh? Mikael already had "Bli Nådd. Inte Störd" in his roughs and the result is above. Spooky coincidence.

Bli nådd. Inte störd = Be reached. Not Interrupted.

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