Rupal Parekh muses about the twitter hashtag shitstorm Adland caused, and wonders if it reveals more about the current industry morale than intended.

If you're an ad person, and you're on Twitter, you've probably caught at least a few #AgencyLife tweets in your stream.

The hashtag, which was fueled by the blog Adland, caught on like wildfire Thursday in the span of just a few hours, with hundreds of tweets by ad people eager to poke some fun at themselves and blow off some steam. Makes sense; ad folks usually tend to have a good sense of humor. But many people were expressing that the missives didn't feel like mere jokes and rang a bit too close to home.

Below is a selection of them. That last tweet has to make you wonder about the state of morale in the business today.

Management wants to "get with it" with the latest tech craze. Buys everyone flip video recorders and tells you to join Gowalla #agencylife

— adland ® (@adland) April 11, 2013

You tell a non-adlander you're a copywriter and they ask you about copyright law. #agencylife

— J O H N N Y (@copybeard) April 11, 2013

Oxymoron #agencylife

— Boot Studios (@BootStudios) April 11, 2013

One third of the deliveries for the creative department are drugs. Two thirds are pizza. #agencylife

— adland ® (@adland) April 11, 2013

You're trying to sell spaghetti-sauce with a hashtag on twitter. #agencylife

— adland ® (@adland) April 11, 2013

They finally send you to Cannes. You're stuck jetlagged in a hotel room working for 3 days straight. #agencylife

— adland ® (@adland) April 11, 2013

Whining. Lots of whining. A tremendous amount of whining. #agencylife

— Spradley (@sprads) April 11, 2013

Slightly worrying that none of the #agencylife tweets were positive.

— Samuel James O'Brien (@samobribri) April 11, 2013