There is one advertising website that has been around longer than Adland has, and it is the Brazilian BlueBus site that premiered in 1995, a whole year before us. They noted the death of Adland in this article here. Google translated: 

The ' Adland ' is one of the pioneers among news sites in the advertising market. On the air since 1996 - only 1 year less than Blue Bus - it has been through some “perrengues” such as being banned from Google AdSense and using crowdfunding to stay on the air -  read previous note . Last week, another threat to its continuity. Site founder Åsk Wäppling was told by his Vultr server that he had 24 hours to take the domain down. The reason? The server received an email from the Holland & Hart LLP law firm demanding that the site remove a 2003 Bridgestone ad. The commercial in question, ' A Dog's Life'', created by BBDO Bangkok, took silver at Asia-Pacific Adfest that same year. Apparently Bridgestone doesn't want to have its name associated with the content in question, and is penalizing a site that simply publicized its creation - and awards, by the way. The law firm also claims that by quoting the name Bridgestone, Adland is violating a trademark (!). For now the site remains down and it is unknown whether it will be back in business - Åsk Wäppling has already shown to be tired of going through similar situations and seeing his decades-old work threatened in this way. See what Adland said about it on LinkedIn and Twitter .